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Social science PROFESSIONALS


We are a team of graduate professionals in Social Sciences with solid further training in subjects our company currently specializes in.



We are passionate about what we do and we believe that there is potential in every person.



We are engaged in creating value in any action that we undertake having the common goal of raising awareness and the purpose of achieving a sustainable community.

Noelia Caridad

Noelia Caridad, founder.

… “My first steps were at the University of Buenos Aires, when I graduated in 2002 as Bachelor of Labor Relations. Then my thirst for knowledge and my passion for people inside were taking me to the side of the Organizational Psychology. In 2007 I certify myself as Professional Ontological Coach at the Latin American School of Coaching (ELAC); Continuing with a postgraduate in change management within the Organizations (UBA) in 2009. I transited a couple of years in the School of Tato Pavlosky to form me like Psychodramatista. My intentions to strengthen my credentials as Coach led me to specialize in Organizational Coaching and Executive Coaching and my interest in improving my skills in corporate communication for organizational development led me to take a postgraduate course in Corporate Communication at Universidad Austral "...

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Our Philosophy

We raise people’s awareness inside and outside organizations to build a community more engaged in distinguishing and choosing what they hope for in their lives. How?

R = R (Relationships = Results) We work on RELATIONSHIPS to accomplish desired RESULTS.

…“Between stimulus and response…there is a space…that space is our power to freely choose”…
Víctor Frankl .

Our offer

We believe that every obstacle that people and companies go through are challenges of growth, and our job is to support them finding solutions to produce better results.
We always begin by making an Organizational Diagnosis to further prepare an Action Plan. and then follow up on those actions.
We work improving results and relationships in Argentina, Latin America and the USA.
Listed below are some of the challenges that organizations usually go through and the solutions we offer. .


  • Teamwork and Value Chain Trainings.
  • Supervised monitoring applied to daily context.
  • Trainings.
  • Restructuring of staff positions.
  • Motivation Strategies.
  • Mentoring.
  • Assessment on Management Desired Results, Coaching conversations with Directors and middle managers.
  • Trainings to aware consciousness leading to a new paradigm.
  • Professionalizing staff positions, areas, sectors.
  • Setting performance indicators, metrics, procedures (leverage points of change, among others).
  • Restructuring staff positions.
  • Assessment of adaptation to job position. Building a desired performance model.
  • Trainings.
  • Mentoring.
  • Implementation of performance indicators to measure efficiency in every step of the procedure, job positions and company sectors.
  • Assessment on actual Results vs. desired Results.
  • Conscious Awareness trainings.
  • Coaching Conversations Program.
  • Conscious Awareness trainings.
  • Experience-based cutting edge seminars: Nature and Mountains.
  • Survey on current procedures and achieved and desired results.
  • Redesign and implementation of new work procedures.
  • Redefinition of MISION and VISION of the organization.
  • Redefinition of labor objectives of every job and/or area and sector.
  • Analysis of job positions and procedures.
  • Redefinition of job descriptions with indicators of desired results.
  • Trainings in Effective Communication leading to Coordination of actions.
  • Determination of formal and informal communication.
  • Development of formal communication strategies (among other possible solutions, depending on diagnosis).
  • Training in Effective Listening.
  • Restructuring of staff positions.
  • Mechanisms of Motivation.
  • Training or Mentoring.
  • Management of efficient staff Recruiting Procedures.
  • Trainings in Effective Management of Relationships, Teamwork, Responsible Speaking and Listening.
  • Experience-based cutting edge Trainings: Nature and Mountain, Blind Theater.
  • Mindfulness Programs.
  • Retirements to connect with the power of nature.
  • Restructuring of job positions.
  • Individual Evaluation vs. Job position.
  • Mentoring Programs.
  • Training Programs.
  • Implementation of Methodology of working procedures with performance indicators.
  • Recruitment Procedures based on personal skills and abilities.
  • Assessment Replacement Charts.
  • Detection of high potentials.
  • Development of organization potentials.
  • Coaching conversations.
  • New generations taking over.
  • Coaching conversations.
  • Designing Leaders.
  • Establishing family-owned business government.
  • Designing Family Protocol.
  • Succession Planning.
  • We will definitely help you find the solution!

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